BrainBeat is for those kids who fall between the cracks, who maybe attention or other issues that might not warrant a clinical diagnosis, but who could benefit from a science backed approach. Whether your child is undiagnosed, sub-clinical, or just is not performing up to par, BrainBeat could be the solution you’ve been looking for. With our 60 day money back guarantee, what do you have to lose?


My child has difficulty with eye contact
My child has difficulty keeping emotions under control
My child has difficulty making and/or playing with friends
My child gets frustrated easily and frequently
My child doesn’t read body language well.


My child is behind with his/her language and communication skills (compared to other children)
My child prefers has difficulty with correct word use or pronunciation
My child is or was delayed with reading skills
My child has difficulty with reading comprehension
My child does not have good vocabulary skills


My child is clumsy or uncoordinated
My child has a stiff posture – or – a floppy posture
My child is clumsy and frequently falls or trips
My child is sensitive to touch and/or sound
My child has poor sleep patterns


My child is impulsive
My child is distracted easily
My child appears to not hear me correctly
My child prefers a routine – or – my child cannot follow a routine
My child has difficulty if I ask him to do more than one task at a time (i.e., pick up toys and then brush your teeth)


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